Powercore Prime 27,650mAh 3-Ports 250W Power Bank A1340

常规价格 $249.90
常规价格 $249.90 促销价 $249.90
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Powercore Prime 27,650mAh 3-Port 250W Portable Charger A1340 - Anker Singapore
常规价格 $249.90
常规价格 $249.90 促销价 $249.90

Powercore Prime 27,650mAh 3-Port 250W Portable Charger A1340

✔️ 250W Multi-Device Fast Charging: Powered by the latest PD 3.1 technology, the power bank comes with 2 USB-C ports and 1 USB-A port to deliver up to 250W of power. Boost your MacBook Pro 16" (M2 Pro) to 50% in just 28 minutes.
✔️ Intuitive Smart App: Use the Anker app to quickly locate your power bank with sound alerts, access real-time stats, and optimize device battery life with smart charging.
✔️ Small Size, Huge Power: The power bank is the size of a soda can with a capacity of 27,650mAh and can charge a 13-inch MacBook Air (M2) 1.28 times or an iPhone 14 approximately 4.67 times. Please know that this power bank is 99.54Wh, which meets the requirements of the TSA(<100Wh) to be taken on airplanes as carry-on baggage.
✔️ 170W Fast USB-C Recharge: Recharge your power bank at lightning speed with the convenience of dual USB-C ports, allowing you to fully replenish it in just 37minutes.
✔️ What You Get: Anker Prime 27,650mAh Power Bank (250W), 2 ft (0.6 m) USB-C to USB-C charging cable, quick start guide

Model: A1340
Cell Capacity: 27,650mAh (3,950mAh × 7)
USB-C1 / C2: (5V=3A / 9V=3A / 15V=3A / 20V=5A / 28V=5A)
USB-C1 / C2: (5V=3A / 9V=3A / 12V=1.5A / 15V=3A / 20V=5A / 28V=5A)
USB-A: (5V=3A / 9V=2A / 10V=6.5A / 12V=1.5A)
Two Ports Charging:
USB-C1 + USB-C2 Output: 240W Max
USB-C1 / C2 +USB-A Output: 205W Max
Three Ports Charging:
USB-C1 + USB-C2 + USB-A Output: 250W Max
Total Output: 250W Max

- The power bank supports charging protocols including BC1.2/Apple (2.4A/QC3.0/PD3.1/PPS via the USB C port and BC1.2/Apple) (2.4A/QC3.0/FCP/SCP/AFC/UFCS/SuperVOOC via the USB A port)
- To ensure proper functionality, please remain within a range of 33ft (10m) from the power bank when using the app, as it connects to the power bank via Bluetooth.
- To achieve a max input of 170W, use both USB-C ports and a high-power charger (140W).
- To protect the battery, the input cannot sustain 170W continuously. Normally, it reaches 170W when the battery level is above 55%.
- The power bank disables its power output while recharging on the base to prioritize its safety and longevity. To charge your devices, please use the USB port on the base.
- This power bank may have compatibility issues with ASUS laptops, and can only support charging the ROG Ally handheld gaming console at a maximum power of 30W.
- Even without registering an account, you can still use the Anker app.

NOTE: The real capacity of a power bank with a 27,650mAh battery ranges between 17,970 and 19,300 mAh. This is because of voltage conversion and power loss.

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