Eufy Clean by Anker L60 Hybrid Robot Vacuum T2278

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Eufy Clean by Anker L60 Hybrid Robot Vacuum T2278 Anker Singapore
Regular price $599.90
Regular price $799.90 Sale price $599.90

Eufy Clean by Anker L60 Hybrid Robot Vacuum T2278

✔️ Hair Detangling Technology: 60 Hybrid Robot Vacuum ends the need for manual hair removal from the roller brush. The Self-Empty Station's Hair Detangling technology slices through hair that gets wrapped around the roller brush with ease.

✔️ Up to 60 Days* of Hands-Free Cleaning: 17,000 Pa of suction draws dust and debris out of eufy robot vacuum L60's dust bin and transfers it to a 2.5 L dust bag in the Self-Empty Station. Thanks to the large capacity, you can wait up to 60 days before replacing.
✔️ Ultra-Strong 5,000 Pa Suction: Hair, crumbs, and dust are removed easily in just one pass for cleaner floors.
✔️ Precision Mapping for Efficient Navigation: iPath Laser Navigation uses advanced Lidar technology to scan rooms and create accurate maps, resulting in efficient cleaning routes around your home.
✔️ Customizable AI.Map 2.0: Use the app to select specific rooms to clean, set up No-Go Zones, and use Multi-Floor Mapping for homes with more than one floor. Attach the mop pad to gently wipe hard floors to remove fine dirt. You can also use the app to select the ideal water flow level.
✔️ What You Get:  L60 Hybrid Robot Vacuum (with Side Brush, Roller Brush, and Roller Brush Cover), Self-Empty Station (with Dust Bag), Mopping Module (with Mop Pad), Cleaning Tool, Quick Start Guide.

eufy official support website for your reference:


Model: T2278
Dimension: 12.85"L x 18.71"W x 14.22"H
Weight: 17.64 pounds
Capacity: 260 Milliliters
Filter Type: HEPA
5,000Pa Robust Suction
iPath Laser Navigation
AI Map Technology recognises 3 maps
2 in 1 Vacuum and Mop
Self Cleaning Roller Brush to detangle hair
Schedule clean
Voice control via Alexa and Google assistant

Q.1 Does L60 Hybrid with Self-Empty Station support 5GHz Wi-Fi for network configuration?
Yes, L60 Hybrid with Self-Empty Station supports 2.4GHz and 5GHz Wi-Fi, plus Bluetooth for easy setup. For any setup issues, contact eufy support for assistance.

Q.2 Why does L60 Hybrid with Self-Empty Station only have one side brush?
It features iPath navigation and a single side brush. This design allows for efficient cleaning patterns and wall-edge cleaning, guided by smart sensors. It ensures optimal performance and lowers maintenance costs.

Q.3 Does L60 Hybrid Robot Vacuum with Self-Empty Station work well on carpets?
It can handle carpets with pile heights of up to 26 mm but may struggle with thicker or harder carpets. It can cross from floor to carpet up to pile heights of 24 mm. For fringed carpets, please set a no-go zone to avoid the robot getting stuck.

Q.4 How good is L60 Hybrid with Self-Empty Station's hair-cleaning performance?
It has a maximum suction of 5,000Pa for effective cleaning, and its dustbin has a capacity of 260ml. For homes with pets that shed hair regularly, we recommend setting the suction to 5,000Pa and self-empty frequency to every 30 minutes.

Q.5 How effective is L60 Hybrid with Self-Empty Station's obstacle avoidance feature?
It uses laser radar to detect obstacles, but it may miss glass, mirrors, and small items like most radar-equipped machines on the market. We recommend tidying up wires and small objects, as well as setting no-go zones for better performance. 

Eufy Clean by Anker L60 Hybrid Robot Vacuum T2278Eufy Clean by Anker L60 Hybrid Robot Vacuum T2278