PowerConf S500 Bluetooth Speakerphone, Zoom Certified A3305

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Color: Black
PowerConf S500 Bluetooth speakerphone, Zoom Certified A3305 - Anker Singapore
Harga reguler $299.90
Harga reguler $349.00 Harga obral $299.90

PowerConf S500 Bluetooth Speakerphone, Zoom Certified A3305

✔️VoiceRadar™ Technology: PowerConf S500 speakerphone automatically focuses on voice sources in the room while eliminating unwanted noise. Speech is delivered without any of the echos and distractions of a hectic meeting room.
✔️Sensitive Voice Pickup: 4 microphones with 32KHz sampling rate transmit your voice in stunning definition and clarity.
✔️Full duplex communication ensures clear 2-way audio even when both ends are speaking simultaneously. 
✔️Zoom Certified: Zoom Room certification means that PowerConf S500 meets Zoom’s highest professional standards.
✔️Their strictest tests say it delivers performance for rooms of up to 12 people.
✔️Hi-Fi Grade Sound: An acoustically tuned 1.75-inch speaker delivers performance that exceeds the demands of ordinary speakerphones. Music and other audio is played in amazing quality.
✔️Double Up: Wirelessly pair two S500s to increase coverage in rooms of up to 20 people. 
✔️Easy to Use: Connect to plug and play via USB-C, or wirelessly via Bluetooth or the included dongle. No IT knowledge required.
✔️What You Get: PowerConf S500,  usb-c cable, bluetooth dongle, welcome guide

What settings can be controlled on the Anker Work app?
You can: - Check product information - Read user manual - Check battery level - Check the latest firmware updates - Adjust volume - Set auto-power off - Manage devices - Turn LED light bar off - Set voice pickup modes

How do I upgrade firmware?
You can upgrade the firmware by using Anker Work app via your phone or
Anker Work computer software via USB: - Install the Anker Work app on your phone (download it from your phone's app store). - Connect your phone to PowerConf S500 via Bluetooth. - Find PowerConf S500 in Anker Work>PowerConf S500. - Click More Information>Update Firmware>Download to start updating. Note: To get a better OTA update experience, we recommend installing AnkerWork computer software to process firmware updating: http://software.anker.com/

How do I set up PowerConf S500 with my meeting software?
Go to the audio options on your conference communication tool. - Select PowerConf S500 for the microphone. - Select PowerConf S500 for the speaker.

How do I improve the microphone's ability to pick up voices on my speakerphone?
Keep within 5 meters of the speakerphone. - Remember to update your firmware. - It's recommended to use a USB connection when operating on computers and laptops.

Why isn't there sound coming out from the speaker when it is connected at the same time to two devices through USB and Bluetooth?
Hold the "Play" button for two seconds to switch between Bluetooth and USB modes. The light bar will flash blue to indicate a successful mode switch.

How do I reset PowerConf S500?
Press and hold down the Bluetooth button and "-" volume button. The light bar will turn red and then it will restart.

How do I force shutdown PowerConf S500?
Press the link button and the power button at the same time.

How do I clear the connection history on the Anker A3303 Bluetooth dongle?
Windows: - Plug in the dongle. - Click the loudspeaker icon on the bottom right menu bar of your PC. - Make sure the "Anker Soundsync A3303" has been selected as the default audio device. - Left-click the loudspeaker icon under the Anker Soundsync A3303 four times. MacOS: - Plug in the dongle. - Make sure the "Anker Soundsync A3303" has been selected as the default audio device. - Click the Mute button on MacBook four times.

How do I check the power level on my PowerConf S500?
You can: - Check the power level on the Anker Work app. - Click the "Power" button if the speakerphone is already on. The light bar will show the remaining power.

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